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Briefly background

The history of scientific and technical societies in our country more than 140 years of their development and formation associated with the development and establishment of scientific and technical societies.

First scientific and technical societies emerged in November 1866. Officially, it was called: The Russian Technical Society. The founders and active members of society were such prominent scholars as D.I. Mendeleev, P.M. Yablochkov, O.M. Butlerov and others.

Arguing the need for the establishment of "Russian Technical Society" D.I. Mendeleev wrote: "Movement of research rather than science is determined by two main engines: solitary efforts of individual scientists and the general consistency efforts of many actors. There are a lot of science that do not do units, and yet are essential for movement science and, consequently, for the benefit of the general. "

The first branch company was established in Ukraine, Nikolaev in 1869. Following Nikolaev, Ukraine emerged Kiev (1870), Odessa (1871), Kharkov (1879), Volyn (1897) and others.

After the emergence of the Russian Technical Society in St. Petersburg, on the initiative of a mechanical engineer K.P. Seleznev and with the assistance of the Director of the Hydrographic Nikolaev Zarudny VI and his assistant on the technical part N.I. Ilyin, In 1869 received permission to open in Nikolaev Russian Technical Society.

Members of the public involved in scientific research. Society gave its members and all interested advice, conducted a general meeting and technical talks, exhibitions, technical libraries, published manor journal "Notes Nicholas offices."

Scientific and technical department is actively engaged in mechanics and construction, electrical issues, arrange for water and sanitation in Kiev organization tram traffic, gas and electric lighting navigation on the Dnieper.

In 1897 the Council of the Kiev office created a special committee, which commissioned the collection of funds for the construction of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. A year later, the building took bookmark Institute, and in 1903 a first edition. Head master's examination committee was D.I. Mendeleev.

Scientific and technical societies and their department made a significant contribution to the development of national science and technology.

After 1917 and the beginning of the 30s activity PTT and other companies based on the decision SNK on August 25, 1921 "On measures to raise the level of technical knowledge in the country," which indicated the necessity in every way "to encourage scientific and technological character".

During this period of scientific and technical societies were administered Holovnauky People's Commissariat of the USSR.

November 19, 1931 adopted a resolution "On reorganization of Scientific and Technical Societies and Society" Technology tothepeople". The resolution noted that in the industrialization of the center of gravity of STC (scientific and technical center) should be moved to production.

In the republics (including the Ukrainian USSR) in the creation of republican commissariats and committees were established republican branches in areas with large enterprises WSTC board. Recent relied on an extensive network of primary organizations.

Scheme of Scientific and Technical Societies country consisted until 1933 without any significant changes lasted until 1954.

In December 1954, it adopted a resolution "On the scientific and technical societies."

In 1958, in connection with the formation of economic councils, there is a need to link the territoriality principle in the management of STC.

According to the decree of May 9, 1958 at republican and regional councils, trade unions were formed republican and regional councils STC.

According to the Charter in 1959 the main task was to organize STC creative community workers of science and industry and to promote, on the stated basis as the fastest implementation of science, technology and excellence in industrial and agricultural production.

Of STC combined scientific and engineering community and participate in solving scientific and technical problems, learn new techniques, increase scientific and technological level of specialists, development of relations staff of scientific organizations and industrial processes.

To organize creative teams, scientific and industrial exhibitions, conferences and seminars in selected regions of Ukraine were open houses science and technology.

The organization of the Union of Societies of Ukraine and its members have made a significant contribution to such famous scholars as Hasanov L.V., Dzis G.V., Cook V.P., Malakhov V.P., Maksimovich G.G., Maslo I. P., Mohylat A.N., Pokhodenko V.D., Rodin P.R., Roizman V.P., Skrypnyk I.V., Solovyov J.O., Szydlowski A.K., Yaremiychuk R.S.

Under current legislation then Union scientific and engineering associations (USEA of Ukraine) registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (certificate № 47 dated 03.06.1991) as creative association of scientists, specialists with national status.

According to the Charter USEA has corporate members, which together with its units solve actual scientific and technical problems.

USEA of Ukraine takes part in organizing scientific conferences, exhibitions, public scientific and technical expertise.

For more information on current status and achievemeUSEAUkraine can be found on other pages of this site.